Hoppe’s Elite on the Go Cleaning Kit



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-Comprehensive cleaning kit with everything you need to clean your gun at home or in the fieldHoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner and Hoppe’s Elite Gun oil with T3 in convenient single use pillow packsFive assorted bore brushes are includedAdditional accessories included: One 4-ounce bottle of Hoppe’s Elite Gun CleanerOne 2-ounce bottle of Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil with T34 Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner field packs4 Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil with T3 field packsFifty 2.5-inch square cleaning patchesOne lint-free gun clothOne multi-section cleaning rod with folding handleFive bore brushes (0.22 to 0.223 caliber; 0.30, 0.30 to 06, 0.300 Mag; 0.9-millimeter, 0.357, 0.40 caliber; 0.45 caliber, 0.410 shotgun; 12 gauge shotgun)One M-16-style utility brushOne shotgun brush adapterOne 0.22 caliber loopOne foam gun padLockable gun case

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